Use coronadays to make a difference

Use coronadays to make a difference

Step back do good and prepare for the future!

If the coronadays block you from doing your usual work, if you don’t want to play the coach potato, if you become a bit crazy-lazy at home, if you feel you could do more with your energy, here is some food for thought about what and how you can do it! Consider the following questions, note all your ideas, then pick 1 thing and do it!

List #1

1 – What can you do to reinforce the relationships within your family and bring more trust, peace, health and fun?

2 – What more can you do now to support your team, your employees, and your clients?

3 – What are all the things you can do to keep your business running and to minimize economic impacts?

4 – How can you support people around you and help them become stronger ?

5 – What else can you do for your community?

If you do all this with your heart, it sure keeps you very busy! And if you still have some energy available, then do the same with each of the following questions, discuss your answers with others and pick 1-2 actions you can start with.

List #2

6 – What will be different at work after coronadays are over?

7 – What will be the main challenges for your clients, for your business, for your team and for you?

8 – What can you do now to prepare yourself and others for those challenges?

9 – What could be the impact of coronadays on your personal career path?

10 – Given all the above, what do you have to change ? and how can you make this unique moment a powerful learning experience?

Hope this makes you feel strong.

Take care, do good, and learn something everyday!





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